An Entire Town for Kids at Mill View Ranch

I now have 2 children. This was a longtime goal, and like most any longtime goals, I was very lucky to keep it in sight. It means among the many avid interests I’ve honed, family orientation pervades them all and will pop up, in, and shake it all about, routinely.

The photographs of Mill View Ranch in El Dorado County were so adorable, I wanted to Press it here. Our toddler has visited 2 outdoor train rides, one at an art park in Camden, NJ, one at the zoo in Little Rock, AK, and some more sheltered ones, like Palm Beach Gardens’ mall. We overpaid for a Thomas & Trains event that was all of 20 minutes (and my spouse miscommunicated the meetup time to a friend, and we missed all 20 of them, glad enough to scrounge some after-event pics of the props and escape to the attached arcade building.) This looks the coolest yet, and going into 2017 that’s automatically a big ambitious promise to put it on the pre-k priorities list.

Source: An Entire Town for Kids at Mill View Ranch


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