7 Nontoxic Pest Control Methods for Your Earth Day 2014 Resolutions

It is Earth month, and we’re also approaching a gardening season. This is at a time when drought repercussions are making headlines yet again, from concern about water supply meeting daily needs of Californians to forecasts about rising prices among key produce across the U.S. 

There are many nontoxic ways to control pests in lawn and garden care, and for Earth Day 2014, if more people know, try and teach them, these methods are bound to come up among more healthy bounties. Here’s a listing of some especially tried-and-true all-natural pest control methods from longtime DIY and gardening bloggers.

Eco-Resolutions 2014: Resolve to seek and use natural nontoxic pest control for lawn and garden needs.

Resolve to seek and use natural nontoxic pest control for lawn and garden needs.


1) Cornstarch ‘Cement’ for anthill and trail control

2) Vinegar, Boiling Water, Rock Salt and Laborious Technique on GH’s Homemade Top 10

3) Adding Garlic, Onion and Cayenne to a Spoonful of Soap *limit to when there’s a demonstrated leaf problem

4) Witch Hazel or Vodka Based Insect Repellent (+ vodka as preservative is news to me)

5) Bug Repellent using Coconut Oil for Cream Base, Less Ingredients

6) Chili Pepper mix that can also stand up to dogs, cats, deer, rabbits and small rodents (+ what soap to prefer to harsher detergent or antibacterial soaps, which #3 cautions about, when you do not want to burn plant leaves.)

7) Homemade Fruit and Veggie Spray for Removing Waxes and Pesticides I selected natural wax and pesticide remover for this spot, because it is a great way to both complete and continue the nontoxic cycle of produce growth and treatment. What we can especially love about any and all DIY solutions is avoiding the buying and tossing of new plastic containers, whose recycling is much less ensured, efficient or possible than that of most other materials.



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