ReStore: a place, an act, a movement

Back to that season.

Jess Renard Talks With Tonics

Habitat-for-Humanity runs a series of collection warehouses that double as resale outlets. These processing hubs mostly deal in pre-owned furnishings and building materials, but sometimes they also receive shipments straight from manufacturers with unsold product to donate. Some locations also form relations with varied property developers, who look to donate their model home furnishings when such a time comes. Proceeds from any and all of these donations go into running the Habitat-for-Humanity community initiatives.

A large portion of items to-be-found fall within a vintage category. Even a recent discovery of never-before-opened pallets of pool tile revealed vintage designs (meaning original, not retro) circa the late 1970s, early 80s. A larger portion of the furnishings themselves are individually pre-owned, some less storied than others. So while it affords vast opportunity to salvage goods, one might also find perfectly fine looking items like entire dining sets that people wanted to trade out.

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